Hair loss after giving birth

-is quite common.  During pregnancy more hair follicles are in an active growing phase, and when the pregnancy is over, the resulting hormonal changes cause many of the follicles to revert to a dormant phase, leading to increased hair loss. The condition is temporary and the hair usually returns to its normal state within six months after the birth of the baby.

To reduce hair loss after birth as far as possible, the hair should be treated gently and only a soft hairbrush should be used.  It should be washed with a mild shampoo and dried by patting with a towel, nor by vigorous rubbing.  During this period a simple hair style should be adopted, one which does not call for pulling the hair back tightly.

There are a few recorded cases of women who experience hair loss as a result of taking birth control pills which simulate pregnancy.  In most instances hair loss begins when the woman stops taking the pills, the same symptom experienced by women who are not longer pregnant.  The hair returns to its normal condition within six months to a year.

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