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Hair Loss and Nutrition – Is There Really A Connection ?

Nutrition and skin info and tips from a leading board certified dermatologist

Hair Loss and Nutrition –

The quality of the food we eat and the amount of protein it contains are extremely important for normal hair growth.  Protein is essential for the formation of keratin, the principal component of hair.  Protein is found in large amounts in meat, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, and soy beans and legumes.

Vegetarians and people (usually young girls) on strict reducing diets are liable to suffer from severe thinning of the hair.  In these cases, hair loss is usually experienced about three months after the diet has begun.

The situation is reversible, and once a proper diet with a sufficient amount of protein has been instituted, hair loss will stop and hair growth will be renewed.  Other causes of thinning hair are iron deficiency anemia, a lack of zinc and an excess of Vitamin A.

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