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EndyMed PRO  3DEEP   System

Skin Tightening – New Technology Allows Painless Effective Results

EndyMed   (3DEEP  technology ) received FDA clearance in 2009 for the EndyMed PRO™ system for the non-invasive treatment of facial wrinkles and rhytides. A pivotal long-term, multicenter efficacy study for facial wrinkle reduction using EndyMed™ proprietary 3DEEP™ technology-shoed  its  efficacy  and safety  on  reduction  of  wrinkles.To date, several hundred patients have undergone facial and body treatments with EndyMed PRO. Patients consistently report pleasant treatments, with no pain and high satisfaction with the results.

What  it’s unique  –  3DEEP vs Conventional RF Technologies  ?

The EndyMed PRO system and its 3DEEP next-generation RF technology allows  targeted, controlled and contained deep dermal heating, with minimal surface energy flow. 3DEEP is a safe and effective noninvasive technique to improve the appearance of age-related rhytides and lax skin. Furthermore, EndyMed PRO procedures are performed without anesthetics, and to date, all patients reported no pain during treatment.

Study Highlights:

Subgroup of 30 patients were treated for facial and neck wrinkles with careful follow-up of up to 3 months post-treatment, with very positive results

The study’s efficacy endpoint was considered by pre-treatment photographs (baseline) assessed and graded by 2 dermatologists

blinded to the study and patients .Wrinkles were classified according to the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale, Immediately after each treatment, treated area was visually assessed for skin responses, including edema, erythema, hypopigmentation,    hyper-pigmentation, and textural changes

Results: Significant statistical improvement in all (100%) 30 patients with skin improvement  of at least 1 score or more, according to the Fitzpatrick scale. The only skin responses reported were mild, transient erythema and edema in a few cases, which resolved within 10 to 30 minutes

All (100%) 30 patients reported no pain during 3DEEP treatment.

Patient video:


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Fractional Skin Resurfacing Using New Radio-Frequency Technology

EndyMed PRO™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)

The EndyMed PRO™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)   provides a unique 3-dimensional skin resurfacing treatment for  skin rejuvenation and  treatment  of  acne  scars. It combines microfractional RF skin ablation with volumetric dermal anti-wrinkle effects – in a single pulse. The treatment procedure is minimally-invasive and patients report minimal pain and short downtime. FSR treatment results in brighter skin, reduction of epidermal hyperpigmentation, improvement of skin texture, smoothing of wrinkles, and treatment of acne scars.

Why 3DEEP FSR Multilayer Therapy?

The upper skin layers (stratum corneum and epidermis) are best treated with fractional ablation, which allows removal of damaged skin cells to reduce of skin roughness and hyperpigmentation. Fractional ablation also allows minimal downtime. The dermis, however, is best treated with non-ablative, deep dermal heating, which leads to collagen remodeling, while reducing scars and wrinkles.

3DEEP Multilayer Therapy:

EndyMed PRO FSR’s single, 3DEEP pulse simultaneously performs microfractional ablation of epidermis and provides deep volumetric, non-ablative dermal heating. Furthermore, skin aging manifests differently in the numerous layers of the skin; each layer requires a different treatment approach to achieve the most effective results. With previous modalities, achieving effective skin rejuvenation throughout the different layers required a combination of different modalities, resulting in extended treatment time, multiple cost, and different levels of pain and discomfort.

Specifically, EndyMed PRO FSR’s novel 3DEEP technology maximizes the interaction of multiple RF sources for controlled delivery of energy to the stratum corneoum, epidermis and dermis. At the same time, tiny (300 micron) electrodes deliver just enough energy to achieve the desired degree of ablation. The unique 3DEEP FSR Handpiece treatment array is composed of more than 100 electrodes, which creates a microfractional mesh of ablation dots for minimal downtime.

Treatment  of Acne  Scars
EndyMed PRO™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Courtesy of Dr Preechaphol Mathawanich (Thailand)

Before 3DEEP FSR treatment n1 week after treatmentn n4 weeks after treatment

fractional RF  for  wrinkles
EndyMed PRO™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing
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