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Seborrhea or Cradle Cap in Infants. How to treat.

Cradle cap or infantile Seborrheic dermatitis –  Seborrea is a common skin disorder in babies. Seborrhea  or Seborrea  occurs when the sebaceous glands are producing excessive sebum (skin oil). It is believed that baby scalp seborrhea  is caused by testosterone (male hormone) that has been transmitted from the mother to her newborn during  pregnancy. The effect  of these  hormone will  disappear  before the  baby is one year old.

Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis) in an infant
Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis) in an infant

In most cases cradle cap or  baby scalp seborrhea , will present itself as a layer of  oily  yellow layer of sticky  dandruff over the scalp. This skin disorder is  not harmful  in any  way  to the baby , is not contagious and doesn’t itch. However in cases that are severe, itching and sore sensation will be present. It has the ability to spread to  other  areas of  the body. In these  cases it may result in secondary infection that  should be  treated  by a  dermatologist.

It is recommended  today to treat  cradle cap  it in its early stages.  Treatments for the early and  mild  cases  cradle cap is shampooing daily. It  is very important not  to  brush the  scalp  too strongly  to  avoid damage  to the underlying  skin.

When the  crust   is thick  and  sticky  it  should  first  be  softened  with  an  ointment  prescribed  by  a  dermatologist. After a  few  hours   the crust can be  easily  removed by hand  with a mild  shampoo.

If this condition is present in older kids, it is best to use an anti-dandruff conditioner and shampoo  every  day or  two. These  kids should  be  examined  by  a  dermatologist  to rule   other  causes  for  thick  dandruff including   atopic dermatitis ,  psoriasis  of  scalp  fungal infections.



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