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Shaving Problems – Nine Best Dermatologist’s Rules

Shaving  Problems-

  1. Shave after washing the face with hot water; even better, after a shower, since heat and humidity soften the beard.
  2. Shaving with a razor blade is preferable to using an electric razor.  Electric razors crush the hairs of the beard, and they may penetrate and wound the skin.
  3. Only shave in one direction, for instance, from top to bottom.  Shaving in two directions goes against the grain of the beard and can cause the tips of the hairs to penetrate and wound the skin.
  4. Change razor blades every few days for the sake of both hygiene and easy shaving.
  5. Use a shaving gel, preferably one for sensitive skin.
  6. Leave the gel (or shaving cream) on the face for four minutes before beginning to shave.
  7. Do not use after shave lotions too often, since some of them cause allergies.
  8. After shaving apply a sun block to protect your skin.
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