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Corner of the Mouth Skin Infections – Causes and Treatment


Redness and a white discharge at the corners of the mouth are a common occurrence in older people.  The main causes of this condition are a change in the structure of the mouth as a result of the loss of teeth and the sagging of the cheek muscles.

A fungus infection called Candidiasis can grow in the moisture which accumulates in the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.  It causes redness, a discharge and itching.  The infection is worsened by over-salivation, taking broad spectrum antibiotics, and B vitamin and iron deficiencies.


The first stage is assuring dental treatment which will remove the fundamental cause of the infection, and giving vitamin and iron supplements if necessary.  Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial medications containing steroids should be applied to the skin.  Once the infection has disappeared, a fat-based ointment should continue to be applied to the corners of the mouth.


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